Sunday, October 26, 2008

Okay, don't look at it, feel it

Canson Montval Marine paper block. Cover says: 9" x 21.125". Ruler says: 9" x 19". Maybe that's why it was on sale. But it is a beauty of a super-wide panarama sheet.

Yeah, the painting is pretty bad, but a few things worked: First, I was able to use my "penance sheet" (see below) to choose colors deliberately, instead of accidentally. And it saved me from a couple of bad choices I'd have previously made. So, "thanks," to all of you that encouraged me in doing my homework.

Second, I was able to paint "big" (for me -- things being relative). It was liberating to use big brushes and my whole arm to make strokes. I didn't have much time to prep or paint this one -- it was a fast sketch. But, oh, the joy to be able to move through the medium! Can't wait to try another (hopefully with more time to work on it).

But time has been short -- thus the dearth of posts, or comments elsewhere. To any of you that have borne with, and come back after my long absence, you have my gratitude. We happy few.

One last thing-- a book to recommend, for all of us looking for the language to describe what it is we do: "A Short Guide to Writing About Art" by Sylvan Barnet. It's small, easy to read, and no doubt inexpensive in a used copy of the many editions extant.


Melinda said...

It was such fun to watch you paint yesterday! I know that you are well studied in perspective. So, for you to have let go of the rules and paint with abandon, was refreshing to observe. Wonderful job. And, you were not defeated by pesky mosquitoes.
That is one exquisite watercolor block...
Let's see more of these larger paintings.

Unknown said...

i love it, dad. hope you do some more sweeping artwork... i was just talking to meggie the other day about how she needs to let go of detail oriented perfectionism and let her right brain go wild. glad to see you are experimenting and pushing the limits. after all, that's what art is for, no?

Barbara Muir said...

What a gorgeous painting. I love the
watery feel of it, what the best
of watercolour does. All that talent, and supreme skill with words
too. It doesn't seem fair.

More of both please.